"He who seeks beauty will find it."

1965 Cadillac Coupe de Ville (Kensington)

The world was on fire,
No-one could save me but you.
Strange what desire will make foolish people do.
I never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you,
And I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you.


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1987 Mercedes-Benz 508B (Soho)

This is a Mercedes-Benz T2. A common sight in Europe, T2s were never exported to the United States. Judging by the window sticker, this ex-ambulance example came over recently on the Wallenius Wilhelmsen ship Turandot by way of Southampton, England.

Happy Freitag, everybody!

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1979 Ferrari 308 GT4 (Noho)

The Automobilist does not speak fluent Ferrari, but is confident this is the genuine article. Early models were marketed as Dinos, after Enzo Ferrari’s son, as a sort of entry-level supercar. Later ones were designated full-fledged Ferraris.

This 1979 example is reportedly owned by an art dealer and gentleman collector of Italian exotics, known as Olivier Renaud-Clément. Like most of his cars, this 308 GT4 has a vanity license plate with a variation of Monsieur Renaud-Clément’s initials — “ORC”. 

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1985 Jaguar XJ6 (Park Slope)

What better timing for a black, ‘85 XJ6 than now that The Equalizer has been “rebooted”.

The worldly crime-fighting hero played by Edward Woodward in the television series drove a dark XJ6 similar to this one and put his Robert McCall in the tradition of crime-fighting vigilantes with mysteriously sourced wealth.

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1955 Volkswagen Type 1 (Park Slope)

We spotted this tastefully modified ‘55 Type 1 last Saturday as its owner was preparing to return it to its Garfield Street garage.

Because the block was closed to through traffic for a block party, he had to get out to replace orange cones he’d had to remove to turn in from 5th Avenue. As he went about this we had time to capture these shots and take in the sound of the throaty purr emanating from the rear of his automobile.

Orange cones back in place, the man got behind the wheel and steered the machine into the garage as the purr grew into a hearty growl.

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1987 Toyota MR2 (Red Hook)

Gosa Raps pillows were out of stock at the Brooklyn Ikea this past Saturday, but parked on nearby Columbia Street was an excellent example of Japanese design of the nineteen eighties: the first generation MR2. Apart from the wheel-wells, there are no curves to be found on this car. We are pleased to have this on as the 901st vehicle to appear in the Automobilist.

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19— Citroën H Van (Midtown)

Vintage cars have great appeal to the marketing departments of so-called aspirational clothing brands because they help complete the brand image these companies are selling.  Only a few years ago Tommy Hilfiger parked an old wood-paneled Jeep Grand Wagoneer on the floor of the Herald Square Macy’s and used it in their print advertising. J. Crew catalogues often make props of old Broncos and Benzes. This practice is so prevalent there ought to be a Pinterest page about it.

The “Ralph’s Coffee” Citroën, shown here outside the flagship Ralph Lauren store Friday, falls neatly into this tradition. RL’s choice of a French van is a curious one though. A brand whose image is classic American style might have been better paired an old American truck. Perhaps Ralph himself had seen the H Vans used extensively by the Philadelphia coffee purveyor La Colombe and liked the idea. That would explain the coffee.

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2002 Ford Thunderbird (Grand Army Plaza)

Plaza by Calvert Vaux, apartment building by Richard Meier, automobile by Jack Telnack. 

The eleventh generation T-Bird was not the sales blockbuster Ford Motor had hoped, but its unique nature, smart design and relative rarity make it a contemporary classic. 

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2014 Lincoln MKZ (Midtown)

How better to follow yesterday’s ’60 Continental with the top-selling Blincoln of 2014 – the MKZ

The Automobilist has lamented the sorry state of Lincoln before. While General Motors has managed to inject cool back into Cadillac, Ford has so far failed to accomplish the same feat with its luxury line. All hope is not lost – Ford is at least trying something as evidenced by the recent “Lincoln Motor Company” re-branding campaign – but the prospects of Lincoln’s revival are far from certain. Even despite the fierce competition from abroad, it is telling that the once mighty American auto industry can produce and successfully market only one premium brand of mass-market vehicles.

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1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V (Gravesend)

After a cloudy and unseasonably cool, but nonetheless pleasant day at the beaches of Fort Tilden National Park, the editor and his companions — including fellow Tumblrer Olidel — stopped for a pie at the legendary L&B Spumoni Gardens in Gravesend, where they caught a fleeting glimpse of the pristine 1960 Continental which back in February appeared in the pages of the New York Times.

The above photos are the best shots the editor could get of this magnificent two-and-a-half ton beast.

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1959 Pontiac Star Chief (Bethany Beach, Del.)

Bethany Beach is one of Delaware’s nicest towns and certainly the greatest town on the face of the planet to have been founded by the Disciples of Christ. It may not be as well-known as nearby Rehoboth Beach with its large gay community, and Beltway holidaymakers, but it is every bit as pleasingly quiet as Dewey Beach is obnoxiously rowdy and Ocean City, Maryland, is crowded and commercialized. Doubtless this is attributable, at least in part, to Bethany’s having been a dry town for most of its existence. It was not until 1982 that liquor could be served at all and even today bars are too few in number to attract the rabble.

What is more, some of its residents get permanent “Platinum” parking passes. The owner of this Pontiac seems to have got the first one.

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1971 GMC C/K (Bethany Beach, Del.)

The Automobilist does not go in for lifted trucks but will make an exception for this sharp GMC C/K. The metallic gray paint is not original but looks great and the truck is otherwise very well-preserved.

The only thing missing is a Delaware surf fishing vehicle permit.

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